EXCLUSIVE: Cavinder Twins Interview 👀

We sat down with the Cavinder Twins, Hanna and Haley, to talk all things sneakers and their recent signing with Under Armour!

“Growing up, we always wanted Under Armour stuff. It’s what we wanted for Christmas, and now we get to partner with such a prestigious brand that fits our lifestyle on and off the court. It’s such a dream come true.”

Haley Cavinder

“It’s great to see the trend of pregame fits and different styles being highlighted. It helps grow the game and brings more eyes to women’s basketball.”

Hanna Cavinder

“I just believe that a good sneaker is a good sneaker, whether it's designed for women or men. If it's a great product and people enjoy wearing it, it's going to transcend gender boundaries.”

Hanna Cavinder

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